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His Story

I first met Dawn in her West Village apartment. She was looking for a room mate, and I needed a room. We hit it off immediately and quickly discovered our shared passion for food. We also had another thing in common; she needed a new baker and I was looking a job. My Pastry School classes were at night, and I wanted a job baking during the day. I realized that I would have to make a choice between Dawn as my room mate, and Dawn as my boss. Well, I needed a job more than I needed a place to sleep, so I agreed to come to One Girl Cookies’ kitchen to interview for a job as a baker.

That’s how I found myself baking cookies with Dawn, trying to land this job. I envisioned a few minute tour of the kitchen, but my ‘interview’ turned into a full day of baking. The best part was that I loved it! The worst part was that the first thing I did was ruin an entire tray of Lucia. Dawn’s patience was encouraging, and she bravely gave me another chance. In spite of the awkward beginning, we had excellent chemistry in the kitchen. Dawn hired me that day, and I’ve never looked back.

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